Course curriculum

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    Resources and Content

    • Prep your production content

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    1. Introduction

    • Ep 1. Intro “Become a Super-producer”: Who we are, and how we’re going to help you plan your next project!

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    • Ep 1-1. Resources: How do you make something good on a shoestring budget?

    • Ep 1-2. Script: How do you break down your screenplay so it works for you?

    • Ep 1-3. Breakdowns: How to keep track of what you need each day of production?

    • Ep 1-4. Shopping Smart: How do get the best deals by searching beyond list prices?

    • Ep 1-5. Living Budget: How to create a budget based on the numbers you’ve found.

  • 4


    • Ep 2-1. Shooting Strategy: How to pick the best shooting strategy for your web series?

    • Ep 2-2. Shoot Planning: How to adapt your shooting style to fit your schedule and budget?

    • Ep 2-3. Time Management: How to give yourself time to succeed on set?

    • Ep 2-4: Living Schedule: How to build a schedule that makes sense?

    • Ep 2-5. Daily Budget: How to build your daily budget?

  • 5


    • Ep 3-1. Crew: How to build the key crew members on your team?

    • Ep 3-2. Design: How to effectively design your web series?

    • Ep 3-3. Locations: How to find your locations?

    • Ep 3-4: Communications: How to communicate with your team for strong collaboration.

    • Ep 3-5: Casting: How to cast your actors the best way possible?

  • 6


    • Ep 4-1: Shot list: How to create a shot list?

    • Ep 4-2: Schedule: How to finalize a shooting schedule?

    • Ep 4-3: Safety: How to make sure you are safe on set?

    • Ep 4-4: Legal: How do you keep it legal to protect yourself?

    • Ep 5-5. Adjusting: How to adjust for unforeseeable circumstances?

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    6. BONUS

    • 1 Bonus. Social Media and Crowdfunding: How to build up your fanbase?


Steven Itano Wasserman Victor Solis

Filmmakers Steven Itano Wasserman and his producing partner Victor Solis created the award-winning action-comedy series GENERIC GIRL (distributed by JTS.TV and SnagFilms). The 10-episode series garnered a Best Director of a Comedy Award Nomination from the IAWTV and features a live score (Winner Best Series Music, UGPF Festival) and VFX. Steven holds an MFA in Film Production from USC while Victor has studied English, film, and science at UCLA and CSUDH.