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    • Ep 1-1: Social: What social media platforms should I use?

    • Ep 1-2: Bookmarking: How to use Sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, or Buzzfeed?

    • Ep 1-3: Website: How can I build a website for free?

    • Ep 1-4: Strategy: What should my social media strategy be?

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    • Ep 2-1: Team marketing: How can my cast and crew help with marketing?

    • Ep 2-2: Timing: When should I set up social media to get my team involved?

    • Ep 2-3: Email: How to utilize email marketing?

    • Ep 2-4: Klout: How to cast actors with social media fans?

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    • Ep 3-1: Niche: What is a strong niche marketing strategy?

    • Ep 3-2: Press contacts: Where and to whom do I send my press releases?

    • Ep 3-3: Outreach: How to market effectively to different audiences?

    • Ep 3-4: Growth: How do I expand beyond my niche audience?

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    • Ep 4-1: Casting: Why is it important to cast someone with a built in fan-base?

    • Ep 4-2: Web-lebrities: How do I approach web celebs to be a part of my project?

    • Ep 4-3: Collaborations: How to grow your series with fellow creators?

    • Ep 4-4: Networks: Should I work with a YouTube Network?

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    5. BONUS

    • Fans: How do I get fans to help me market my show for free?


Brian Rodda

Brian Rodda is the founder of Brian Rodda Consulting, a boutique PR/Management Company specifically focused on promoting new media and transmedia projects. He works with web series creators to promote and create thriving online communities for their shows. His past projects have included "Squaresville" "Husbands" "Whole Day Down" "Anyone But Me" "Skyrim Parodies" "Stockholm" and most recently "Untitled Web Series about A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time"