Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to distribute and monetize your web series effectively?

  • 2

    1. Make Your Web Series Distribution Battle Plan

    • 1. What are my goals for this show?

    • 2. What are the myths and basics of web distribution?

    • 3. What are some examples of successfully distributed web series?

    • 4. How many episodes do I need, and how long should they be?

    • 5. How do I design my production and distribution plan?

  • 3

    2. Pre-building Your Audience Before You Launch

    • 1. Why is pre-building my audience important?

    • 2. Should a brand or company fund or distribute it?

    • 3. Should I do the Kickstarter thing?

    • 4. What are some non-money ways to pre-build audience?

    • 5. How else do I prepare to market and distribute it later?

  • 4

    3. Picking The Best Distribution Platforms

    • 1. Who is my audience, and where are they?

    • 2. Which distribution platforms should I use?

    • 3. Why is timing important to build audience?

    • 4. Why social media is another form of distribution?

    • 5. How to cross-promote with blogs and other sources?

  • 5

    4. Launching The Rocket

    • 1. Why is choosing a premiere date and a live event important?

    • 2. Why is a show website (even a tumblr) invaluable?

    • 3. How do I get people to watch it?

    • 4. How do I get more more people to watch so that it grows?

    • 5. Will I actually make any money off of this thing?

  • 6

    5. Bonus

    • Networks, branding, more revenue streams, and new seasons


Mike Tringe

Mike Tringe earned his MFA in Film Production from USC, and has worked for four years in Film and Digital distribution, including Independent Film Finance/Sales at Creative Artists Agency which represented films like Paranormal Activity and Black Swan, Vuguru, Michael Eisner's multi-platform studio, which financed and produced "The Booth at the End" , "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" , and "Little Women, Big Cars" , and Blip Networks which receives 300 million monthly views and is home to the top independently produced web series like "Smosh" , "Annoying Orange" , and "Nostalgia Critic"