Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How I got started making web series, and what are your first steps to make yours?

  • 2

    Defining Your Idea

    • Ep 1-1. Target Audience: Who is my target audience?

    • Ep 1-2. Format: How do I choose the best format and length?

    • Ep 1-3. Foundations: What are the foundations for a dynamic project?

  • 3

    Developing Your Pitch Package

    • Ep 2-1. Package: How to develop a pitch package to assemble your team?

    • Ep 2-2. Team: How to build your project team?

    • Ep 2-3. Budget: How to estimate a budget for a teaser or the web series?

  • 4

    Executing Your Pitch Plan

    • Ep 3-1. Crowd-funding: How should you approach a crowd-funding campaign?

    • Ep 3-2: Casting: How to approach casting for your web series?

    • Ep 3-3: Production: What to shoot to help you pitch your web series?

    • Ep 3-4: Pitching: Who and what to pitch?

  • 5

    Untitled chapter

    • Ep 1: BONUS. Building: How to get more people to watch your web series once it’s done?


Mark Gantt

Mark Gantt is an actor who co-created and starred in the web series "The Bannen Way," and has also acted in TV shows like "Dexter" and other web series including "The Guild" and "Leap Year" .