Course curriculum

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    Resources and Content

    • Kickstarter success

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    • Ep 1-0: How the Crowdfunding Landscape Has Changed (new)

    • Ep 1-1: Essentials: Why is design, credibility, and outreach essential?

    • Ep 1-2: Success: What works for successful Kickstarter campaigns?

    • Ep 1-3: Campaign Length: How long should my campaign be?

    • EP 1-4: What should be in my Kickstarter video?

    • Ep 1-5: How much should my goal be?

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    • Ep 2-1: Story: How to tell the story of your project visually?

    • Ep 2-2: Design: How to effectively use video, story and rewards?

    • Ep 2-3: Rewards: What should my rewards be?

    • Ep 2-4: Credibility: How to establish credibility for your project?

    • Ep 2-5: Web Series: What’s specific to a web series campaign?

  • 4


    • Ep 3-1: Outreach: How to effectively reach the audience for your project?

    • Ep 3-2: Launch: How should I run my campaign?

    • Ep 3-3: Collateral: What print, digital, and graphic assets are important?

    • Ep 3-4: Awareness: How can you build awareness that encourages pledging?

    • Ep 3-5: Messaging: What is the best way to message your pitch and how often?

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    4. BONUS

    • What are some outside the box tips that work to get more people to know about and pledge your campaign?


Justin Massion

Justin Massion is the Director of Crowdfunding Services at FilmBreak . He successfully helped raise over $220,000 as Marketing Director for Marc Zicree’s Space Command on Kickstarter , helping the campaign to exceed its goal of $75K to reach $221,267 with 2,965 backers in just 8 weeks. He also helped Sean Astin raise over $66,000 for his political radio show, Vox Populi and Bosse Tools to raise over $64,000 for a new line of ergonomic shovels.