Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. How to Act on Camera?

    • Lesson 1-1: How to get in the right mindset? ( 3:07 )

    • Lesson 1-2: How to sound conversational? ( 4:29 )

    • Lesson 1-3: How to connect with your audience? ( 5:06 )

    • Lesson 1-4: How to be concise? ( 2:34 )

    • Lesson 1-5: How to represent yourself? ( 1:56 )

  • 2

    2. What to Say on Camera

    • Lesson 2-1: Should it be scripted or spontaneous? ( 1:32 )

    • Lesson 2-2: How to Use a Script (and still feel natural)? ( 1:37 )

    • Lesson 2-3: How to Stay Cool when Recording? ( 1:46 )

  • 3


    • How to make your project look great? ( 1:59 )

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Jonathan Novack

I'm a TV host, AMS-sealed meteorologist, and news reporter who has worked across the country. With over 12 years of on-air experience, I've covered the red carpet, forecast every type of weather, and been live for breaking news. I currently work as a host for Tennis Channel's "Court Report", as well as a freelance weather anchor for KABC-TV in L.A. and a red carpet reporter for ABC's "On The Red Carpet". I also teach TV hosting and reporting at "Break Into TV" in Glendale, CA, and in 2012 co-founded the production company Karakter Entertainment, hosting our show "Love Song". I began working in production at New England Cable News in 1997 and I landed my first on-air TV job in 2001 doing weather and reporting in Lubbock, TX. I soon jumped to the FOX affiliate in Miami, a top 20 market, where I covered the record 2005 hurricane season and sharpened my teeth covering the red carpets of South Beach. At 27 years old, I became the weekend meteorologist and feature reporter at the NBC station in Houston, TX - a top 10 market.