Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. What is a Drone?

    • Lesson 1-1: Definitions of Drones & More (2:56)

  • 2

    2. What are Some Uses for a Drone?

    • Lesson 2-1: How to Choose Which Drone Industry is Right for You (4:19)

    • Lesson 2-2: How to be an Entrepreneur in the Field of Drones within the World of Videography and Photography (2:26)

    • Lesson 2-3: How to Get Creative Using Drones (2:56) )

  • 3

    3. Entrepreneurship Using Dronesapter

    • Lesson 3-1: Starting Your Own Drone Company (2:02)

    • Lesson 3-2: How to Legally Operate a Drone (1:51)

    • Lesson 3-3: How to Obtain Your Section 333 Exemption (2:40)

    • Lesson 3-4: Business Development for your Drone (1:04)

    • Lesson 3-5: Good Drone Practices and Procedures are Necessary (3:06)

    • Lesson 3-6: Be Cautious with Your Drone (5:07)

  • 4

    4. Getting Started with Your Drone

    • Lesson 4-1: What Kind of Drone Should You Buy? (5:28)

    • Lesson 4-2: Practice Makes Perfect With Your Drone (4:36)

    • Lesson 4-3: Select Your Drone Based on the Industry You Want to Get Involved In (4:07)

  • 5

    5. Drone Cinematography

    • Lesson 5-1: Drone Basics (3:59)

    • Lesson 5-2: How to Pre-Plan a Shoot (2:50)

    • Lesson 5-3: Operating Skills (3:28)

    • Lesson 5-4: Cinematic Techniques (7:27)

    • Lesson 5-5: Drone Automation (4:11)

    • Lesson 5-6: Drone Post Production Techniques (2:03)


Josh Friedman

Josh Friedman is the owner of One Zero Digital Media, LLC and teaches on the Digital Media faculty at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA. One Zero Digital Media, LLC began as Josh Friedman Productions in 2008. Based in Orange County, California, OZDM provides professional video, music, audio, and photography services. As a film maker, composer, sound designer, music producer and photographer, Josh Friedman is capable of ensuring success throughout an entire project from inception to delivery. With a team of video and audio professionals he works to make it easy for clients to showcase their needs on the cutting edge of an ever changing digital world. Josh has earned a Masters Degree in Music from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, at CSU Long Beach. Prior to 2008 he toured extensively as a musician, worked as a full time fine arts educator and earned a Bachelors in Music and a Bachelors in Music Education from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.